Dogs are Gifts from Heaven

I could have and almost did cry earlier thinking what an earth have I done taking on board a puppy with a senior Labrador. I have had five sleepless nights, trying to juggle a baby and a senior with completely different needs is more difficult than I could have ever imagined. Especially because I am literally on my own. I live in the middle of nowhere, family don’t drive and I am too proud to ask for help so I have battled on through the last 5 days completely single handedly. 

It may have been easier had I not received a puppy with a tick in his ear bless him. I took Bodhi who is only 8 weeks old to the vets. The vet removed the tick no problem but now inside his ear looks to be a problem and is irritating him which will need another trip to the vets. 

The vet prescribed a flea and tick treatment (after me asking is it completely safe and you have had no problems with this medication) that made him violently sick and gave him diarrhoea and I have been so worried about him having no food in his new tiny belly. I have fed him scrambled egg, roasted a chicken and boiled rice to try help his poorly tummy recover and to get this terrible Bravecto vet recommended tablet out of his system. 

My senior labs aching joints are getting much worse. I looked at them both today thinking I may be making a trip for two labradors to the vets. I usually gloss over tough times but thought β€œno” I am now saying the truth, warts and all.

We have just had a moment, my senior lab Flint jumped up off his bed in pain and came to me for reassurance. Bodhi my puppy was fast asleep and he came running over and just laid by Flint’s side so softy, so gently, he knew. It was a moment that is bringing tears to my eyes typing. I knew what I wanted to happen when taking on another dog and that moment said it all. Thankfully it was reassurance to me more than them that I had made the right decision and that my new puppy already loved my senior lab Flint as much as I did.

Dogs are gifts from heaven. I feel so thankful, so tired but most of all, so grateful that I did make the right decision and my two dogs need each other now, even more than I need them.

Golden Paste

I am getting a bit stiff in my old age so mum did some research on non medical eats she could give me to help me. I have been taking Wild Alaskan Salmon Oil for many years but now we have the addition of Sardines. They are now part of my daily healthy eating regime. I am loving the addition thank you whoever recommended these. I shall have a think what else you may recommend.
The next recommendation was “golden paste’ which is turmeric, coconut oil, water and pepper. Mixed with sardines it tastes ok. One week into this new diet I can feel the benefits already. I run around the garden like a puppy and then when I get back into the home and try jumping on the sofa, I am reminded of my real age of almost 13.
This is the recipe if any of you senior dogs wish to try my recommendation.
This is what it looks like when the human is preparing the magic paste.
If you follow the recipe you will have a good few weeks worth. Put one weeks worth in your fridge and then to keep it fresh freeze the rest. Take it out the freezer the day before needed.
and finally, here are the results zzzzzzzzzzzzzz

A Foreverdor

My name is Flint. I am a Foreverdor; A Chocolate Labrador that has promised my mum I shall live forever. I am 12 years old. My 13th birthday is in August and I have requested we go to the seaside. Last year we went to Pets at home and I got to choose my birthday gift. I was so excited, I wet myself instore! I scavenged under every shelf finding biscuits that the humans had very kindly dropped for me, they must have known it was my birthday, thank you to all that left me biscuits for my birthday.

I like to play with my toys every day, this ball is a favourite of mine. Playing with toys and keeping active with frequent daily walks keeps me young and helps me to fulfil my breed description of Foreverdor.

I am a great believer in getting a minimum of 8 hours sleep per night, that helps me stay healthy too. You can never have enough sleep.

I shall post on my blog between naps. Follow Flint The Foreverdor to find out more.