Dogs are Gifts from Heaven

I could have and almost did cry earlier thinking what an earth have I done taking on board a puppy with a senior Labrador. I have had five sleepless nights, trying to juggle a baby and a senior with completely different needs is more difficult than I could have ever imagined. Especially because I am literally on my own. I live in the middle of nowhere, family don’t drive and I am too proud to ask for help so I have battled on through the last 5 days completely single handedly. 

It may have been easier had I not received a puppy with a tick in his ear bless him. I took Bodhi who is only 8 weeks old to the vets. The vet removed the tick no problem but now inside his ear looks to be a problem and is irritating him which will need another trip to the vets. 

The vet prescribed a flea and tick treatment (after me asking is it completely safe and you have had no problems with this medication) that made him violently sick and gave him diarrhoea and I have been so worried about him having no food in his new tiny belly. I have fed him scrambled egg, roasted a chicken and boiled rice to try help his poorly tummy recover and to get this terrible Bravecto vet recommended tablet out of his system. 

My senior labs aching joints are getting much worse. I looked at them both today thinking I may be making a trip for two labradors to the vets. I usually gloss over tough times but thought “no” I am now saying the truth, warts and all.

We have just had a moment, my senior lab Flint jumped up off his bed in pain and came to me for reassurance. Bodhi my puppy was fast asleep and he came running over and just laid by Flint’s side so softy, so gently, he knew. It was a moment that is bringing tears to my eyes typing. I knew what I wanted to happen when taking on another dog and that moment said it all. Thankfully it was reassurance to me more than them that I had made the right decision and that my new puppy already loved my senior lab Flint as much as I did.

Dogs are gifts from heaven. I feel so thankful, so tired but most of all, so grateful that I did make the right decision and my two dogs need each other now, even more than I need them.

Ember and Edenshot Labradors

My puppies mum Ember

I wish to thank Ember the Fox Red Labrador for gifting me with my puppy and also to thank Edenshot Labradors for making all of this possible. Ember is such a great mum and now she will be glad to not have 8 puppies hanging off her feeding!

8 puppies in a basket
Ember in a basket, puppies removed!
Puppy Wash
“We are looking for a chocolate to join our colour wheel!”
“Humans complain about breast feeding, try this and then let’s see who’s complaining”

Choosing a Puppy

When I arrived at Edenshot Labradors amazing plot, Angela was already outside with all eight puppies. One came running over to me and started chewing my shoes. (it had a yellow collar) I had forgotten how sharp their little teeth are. Then one came over and started biting the back of my ankle. Note to self, I should have worn my muck boots! I thought perhaps yellow collar may be the one because he ran up to me first. I kept a good eye on him.

Angela put the females back in their stable bed and between the two of us we carried two pups each into the house out of the rain. They were given treats and I knelt on the floor with them, trying to get a sign that one was to be mine. Geoff recommended interacting and playing with them, I did and yellow collar and purple collar came and sat on my knee playing. I tapped my chest and gestured for one to come closer and purple collar was determined to get the closest to me. I then thought perhaps purple collar was to be mine. Angela told me at that point that it was purple collar that had pooped on me when I first met them.

I knew it was a choice between purple and yellow collar but which one? Angela gave them a raw bone from the butchers and purple collar bounded into the group of puppies, grabbed it and tottled off with this huge bone all to himself under the table. None of the others tried to take it back from him. I knew this was to be my puppy. He made me laugh. He was confident and mischievous.

He comes to his new home in a few weeks. 🤗 Wish me luck! Do you think he looks mischievous or like an angel?! Maybe he will be like me! 😇

The Day I Met my Puppy

The dream always included two dogs. My Chocolate Labrador Flint is 12.5 years old so I decided it is time for me to finally get the second dog I have longed for, 12.5 years late!

So on my 42nd Birthday I decided that would be the perfect birthday treat, to go meet my puppy, a fox red Labrador.

Ember, the puppies mum had 8 puppies, 4 boys and 4 girls. Flint tells me he would like a brother so we are getting a boy. 

They are only 3 weeks old so I shall return at 6 weeks when they are doing more than just sleeping, to choose one of four boys.

Meeting them all for the first time was magical. They are bundles of pure joy and gorgeousness. Mum Ember is such an amazing mum. We also met Bomber from another litter, he is so handsome.

Angela Ember’s mum put all 4 boys onto my lap, I was in puppy heaven… until one decided to poop all over my brand new birthday jeans! We have put a collar on the culprit and maybe that is a sign to either choose him or to not choose him!

It was a struggle to leave them all, I am counting the days until I go see them again.

The First Time I met my Puppy

“I’m ready for off”