Ember and Edenshot Labradors

My puppies mum Ember

I wish to thank Ember the Fox Red Labrador for gifting me with my puppy and also to thank Edenshot Labradors for making all of this possible. Ember is such a great mum and now she will be glad to not have 8 puppies hanging off her feeding!

8 puppies in a basket
Ember in a basket, puppies removed!
Puppy Wash
“We are looking for a chocolate to join our colour wheel!”
“Humans complain about breast feeding, try this and then let’s see who’s complaining”

The Writing Journey

I am finding my awakened writing journey, one of the most amazing discoveries. I have realised I have always written to get my emotions on the page. I have journalled throughout key times in my life but had never given one moments thought as to why I was truely doing it, I just did it.

My decision to write a book came from many years of people hearing my life stories and saying “you ought to write a book” but I knew this was a pipe dream of mine. One that would never come to fruition.

One day the universe sent me a sign that I should write a book and that day was just a normal day, well not completely normal, I was learning reiki energy healing on that day, but none-the-less, nothing out of the ordinary in the grand scheme of Sarah’s crazy life.

Never ever did I realise the journey I would begin on my writing journey! The problem with me, well it is not a problem, perhaps a blessing, I have to give 150% to anything I do…. so I have started signing up to anything to do with writing. I have attended writing events, workshops, courses, and the speaker would refer to the audience as “authors”. I smirked to myself but grew to like this title…. author, yes, why not!

A World of Wellbeing & Writing Event I attended where I was referred to as an “author” ❤️

I am in the majority in the saboteur thinking pattern, “but I am not an author, who will buy my book?” but the further I travel down the writing rabbit hole the more confident I become that most that decide on these courses to write a book, have no clue where to start. I am confused. My problem is I do not know when to stop!

I have so much to say but fear I have no writing skills to write a book. Admittedly I did very well at school in English but I am no editor and would not have a clue how to make a book flow. I certainly have the content, far too much content!

I am excited by this new passion and I am throughly enjoying getting my thoughts out of my head. I truely hope you enjoy reading what I write. Any advise on finding a good editor would be most appreciated.

New to Blogging

Ok so I am shiny brand new to this blogging world and I have just laughed at my stupidity and wished to share with you incase you too may make the same mistake. If you hear how silly I have been you may not make the same mistake. I have been adding tags with a hashtag infront of the text and could not work out why when published they had two hashtags! Durrr! Now I realise you don’t need to type a hashtag it adds it automatically, fancy that?! 🙈

I shall now spend my friday night deleting hashtags! 🥂

I did wonder why I had zero followers, I thought it may be down to my poor writing skills. 🙊

Graphic Design Manager to Spa Receptionist

I was a very successful Graphic Design Manager working for a large corporation. I had the most amazing opportunities to which I shall be eternally grateful. One day I woke up and realised there was more to life than suits and standing in a lift where nobody talks to one another, where everyone moans about the weather, where everyone spends their days planning their next holiday and not living for the moment, making excuses as to why they won’t change their ways. They are the people that will wake up when it’s too late to travel because they have aches and pains and hip replacements.

A photo shoot in the company helicopter for one of my tender cover designs

I decided that wasn’t for me so after researching for quite some time, wanted to backpack around Australia but somehow decided to work on a cruise ship for 8 months!  And so I did!  Cruise ships don’t need graphic designers so I had to think of another job that I could do. Spa Receptionist was my title!  I soon became Spa Assistant Manager and had the time of my life.  Free spa treatments, travelling the world, free food and accommodation, my own designated cabin steward to change my sheets and clean my cabin and wash my uniform. 

The day I went for my Steiner Cruise Ship interview

I kept a daily journal of my unbelievable eight months onboard The Grand Princess cruise ship which I shall share with you. 

This all happened before I decided to backpack around the world for 330 days. Another story I shall share with you but I am struggling with where to begin. I thank you for your patience as I enter the blogging world.

One thing I am thoroughly enjoying in this process is digging out all my journals and looking through all my photos and I am excited to relive those moments with you. My MacBook Pro does not have a dvd drive so I have had to buy an external optical drive to view and upload my dvd data, but if you are like me, visuals are important so I needed to be able to show you the photos too.

Golden Paste

I am getting a bit stiff in my old age so mum did some research on non medical eats she could give me to help me. I have been taking Wild Alaskan Salmon Oil for many years but now we have the addition of Sardines. They are now part of my daily healthy eating regime. I am loving the addition thank you whoever recommended these. I shall have a think what else you may recommend.
The next recommendation was “golden paste’ which is turmeric, coconut oil, water and pepper. Mixed with sardines it tastes ok. One week into this new diet I can feel the benefits already. I run around the garden like a puppy and then when I get back into the home and try jumping on the sofa, I am reminded of my real age of almost 13.
This is the recipe if any of you senior dogs wish to try my recommendation.
This is what it looks like when the human is preparing the magic paste.
If you follow the recipe you will have a good few weeks worth. Put one weeks worth in your fridge and then to keep it fresh freeze the rest. Take it out the freezer the day before needed.
and finally, here are the results zzzzzzzzzzzzzz

Backpacking around the World in 330 days

Taking a year out of the rat race and deciding to travel the world and tick some items off the bucket list was one of the best decisions I have ever made.

After travelling to 15 different countries in 330 days and writing a daily diary of the Upson Downs of my Travel Adventures, I would like to share my experiences with you in the hope that it may encourage you to do the same… Life changing.

A Foreverdor

My name is Flint. I am a Foreverdor; A Chocolate Labrador that has promised my mum I shall live forever. I am 12 years old. My 13th birthday is in August and I have requested we go to the seaside. Last year we went to Pets at home and I got to choose my birthday gift. I was so excited, I wet myself instore! I scavenged under every shelf finding biscuits that the humans had very kindly dropped for me, they must have known it was my birthday, thank you to all that left me biscuits for my birthday.

I like to play with my toys every day, this ball is a favourite of mine. Playing with toys and keeping active with frequent daily walks keeps me young and helps me to fulfil my breed description of Foreverdor.

I am a great believer in getting a minimum of 8 hours sleep per night, that helps me stay healthy too. You can never have enough sleep.

I shall post on my blog between naps. Follow Flint The Foreverdor to find out more.

Write Your Own Story

Several years ago I decided that one day I would love to write my own book. It was a flaky, dreamy comment and at that moment it had no strength or commitment behind it. To try to add some umph to my decision I bought an Usbourne kids book titled ‘Write Your Own Story Book.’ This book, along with my dreamy idea has sat on the shelf for many years collecting dust…

Until years later, having shared snippets of my life’s stories with others many have said “you should write a book.” I have just shrugged each comment off, thinking most would say the same about their own life.

It was only many more years later after experiencing what I thought was now worth writing about, that when I heard the comment once again, it was asthough the universe were sending me a thunderbolt of word power that cleared my dusty shelf and awoke the hidden author in me!

152,000 words have flowed through me onto the computer and I am currently in the editing stage of trying to make sure it all makes sense before I dare to share.

I have heard so many people say “I would love to write a book but I can’t” They will never do so. Every author started with the same thought, then they became authors. Do not let fear stop you from achieving your dreams.

About Me

Hi, I am Sarah Upson, aged 42, trying my very best to live the best life possible, with the occasional Upson Downs. I wish to share my experiences with you and I very much hope you enjoy reading about my Upson Downs Adventures.

Rediscovering Yourself

When life isn’t going quite the way we had planned, we could all do with a lovely friend to identify the rocky road and deliver us a little box of sunshine to help steer us back onto the not so rocky road.

If you know someone that is struggling, why not send them a ray of sunshine, you will make their day. Lots of Love.