Graphic Design Manager to Spa Receptionist

I was a very successful Graphic Design Manager working for a large corporation. I had the most amazing opportunities to which I shall be eternally grateful. One day I woke up and realised there was more to life than suits and standing in a lift where nobody talks to one another, where everyone moans about the weather, where everyone spends their days planning their next holiday and not living for the moment, making excuses as to why they won’t change their ways. They are the people that will wake up when it’s too late to travel because they have aches and pains and hip replacements.

A photo shoot in the company helicopter for one of my tender cover designs

I decided that wasn’t for me so after researching for quite some time, wanted to backpack around Australia but somehow decided to work on a cruise ship for 8 months!  And so I did!  Cruise ships don’t need graphic designers so I had to think of another job that I could do. Spa Receptionist was my title!  I soon became Spa Assistant Manager and had the time of my life.  Free spa treatments, travelling the world, free food and accommodation, my own designated cabin steward to change my sheets and clean my cabin and wash my uniform. 

The day I went for my Steiner Cruise Ship interview

I kept a daily journal of my unbelievable eight months onboard The Grand Princess cruise ship which I shall share with you. 

This all happened before I decided to backpack around the world for 330 days. Another story I shall share with you but I am struggling with where to begin. I thank you for your patience as I enter the blogging world.

One thing I am thoroughly enjoying in this process is digging out all my journals and looking through all my photos and I am excited to relive those moments with you. My MacBook Pro does not have a dvd drive so I have had to buy an external optical drive to view and upload my dvd data, but if you are like me, visuals are important so I needed to be able to show you the photos too.